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Cultural & Ecological designing
ferrocement garage - front view ferrocement garage - rear quarter view

This is where you'll find documentation of completed and ongoing projects in the realm of Eco-Living Cultural & Ecological Designing.
  • Ferrocement garage/storage building design and construction - a sculptural hand-built ferrocement structure created in Spring - Summer 2001 on my land in Hawai'i.
  • The Oval Office composting toilet - a natural rock, ferrocement and mixed media facility created in Spring 2003 at Malu 'Aina in Hawai'i.
Here are some of the projects in the process of documentation - check back soon for text and pictures:
  • Urban lot permaculture design in Seattle, Washington.
  • Semi-rural permaculture design and alternative and natural building on an acre of land in Hawai'i.
  • A Habitat for Humanity project in Sri Lanka involving a locally-built press for making cleverly designed, locally sourced soil-cement building blocks for dwelling construction. Documentation courtesy of civil engineer and Habitat volunteer Katie Spataro.
And more...stay tuned!

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