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last update: April 19, 2000

Human Powered Vehicles [ HPVs | Organizations | Information Resources ]
  • Angletech - "Bike Technology from a different angle." Recumbent bicycle specialist Kelvin Clark is the prime motivator of this human-powered business. If it's recumbent, he just might have it!
  • BikeFriday - "The Incredible Folding Travel Bicycle" people. High-quality bicycles that just happen to fit neatly in a standard hardshell suitcase that doubles as a bike trailer when you get where you're going. I have test-ridden their bikes myself, and they are nice! Touring, mountain and racing models to suit all riding preferences, and a recumbent!
  • Co-Motion Cycles - specializing in top-quality tandem and single bicycles, with the option of no-compromise take-apart travel frames that enable their bikes to be packed and checked as standard airline luggage. I've ridden the Espresso, and it is light, stiff and sweet (for a non-recumbent, it's not bad...)!
  • HP Velotechnik - a German company producing some very nice-looking recumbents; also a recumbent fairing, 20-inch suspension forks and assorted accessories.
  • Pygmy Boats Inc. - designers and sellers of beautiful, high-quality, strong and lightweight sea kayak kits (and a rowing wherry), constructed using a mahogany plywood and fiberglass cloth/epoxy resin sandwich construction. I have their Coho model - paddling, anyone?
  • Rick's Innovative Cycles - offering public-domain plans and construction info for a top-quality recumbent trike, plus other tidbits on trike design and further links.
  • Vision Recumbents - some of the nicest recumbents I've seen and ridden. Check out their tandem recumbents too!
Organizations [ HPVs | Organizations | Information Resources ]
  • American Canoe Association - the main paddlesports organization for the United States. Education, recreation, safety, conservation, publications, videos, etc. etc. This organization has its roots in the eastern U.S., and is still fairly East-coast-centric, so if you live west of there, join up and help break it loose and spread it out!
  • American Public Transit Association - "...a nonprofit international association of over 1,200 member organizations..." Committees, conferences, forums, online publications, services, statistics and lots of other public transit related information.
  • International Human Powered Vehicles Association - "Dedicated to promoting improvement, innovation and creativity in the design and development of human powered transportation." Includes land-, water- and aircraft of all types, the common factor being human power.
  • P.A.T.H. - People's Advocacy for Trails Hawai'i - a grassroots organization on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Dedicated to "Promoting traffic safety education and a safe environment on roadways and trails for recreation, fitness, and alternative modes of transportation." Bicycle and pedestrian advocacy, community rides & walks, public access advocacy for trails and shoreline, volunteer trail work parties, a quarterly newsletter and more!
Information Resources [ HPVs | Organizations | Information Resources ]
  • BikeInfo - tons of handy info and specs on the most efficient form of transportation. These folks include lots of "alternative" bicycles, especially recumbents by makers such as Ryan, Rans, Vision/ATP, Easy Racers and so on.
  • The Most Efficient Engine - an article of mine on the capabilities and benefits of Human Powered Vehicles.
  • Nomadic Research Labs. The (in?)famous Steve Roberts has retired his highly hacked, high-tech recumbent bicycle and is now furiously pursuing his next ultimate high-tech adventure vehicle (it floats, it pedals, it sails, it motors, it rolls, it's got solar panels and sensors and servers and more...!)
  • The Price of Mobility - " attempt to estimate the full costs of car, bus, and train travel in the U.S.A.," offering a deeper look at the true costs of our auto-addiction and related phenomena.
  • Recumbent UK - a magazine from the UK focusing on recumbent cycle news, reviews and more, with a touch of British humor...

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