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Last update: April 19, 2000

  • American Solar Energy Society - the ASES " a national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment." Position papers, technical stuff, publications, Solar Today magazine, conferences, legislative alerts, national solar home tour and more...
  • Amnesty International - Worldwide human right organization working to eliminate human rights violations of all kinds, in all places. See also the USA Section of Amnesty.
  • Annamalai Reforestation Society - working for the reafforestation and conservation of Mount Arunachala, Tamil Nadu, in Southern India - and towards raising awareness and action on a wide range of ecological problems in areas near and far.
  • Centre for Alternative Technology - a British educational charity focusing on "globally sustainable, whole and ecologically sound technologies and ways of life...The role of CAT is to explore and demonstrate a wide range of alternatives, communicating to other people the options for them to achieve positive change in their own lives."
  • Community of Mindful Living - based on the teachings of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Information about Plum Village, retreats, Thich Nhat Hanh's work and writing (Parallax Press books) and related topics. See also my recommended reading list...
  • The Cousteau Society - if you don't know Captain Cousteau, you don't know Jacques! He's a legend in his own time and one of my personal heroes. Scubaworld's Cousteau site is also quite nice. Get wet and check 'em out.
  • Earth Island Institute - "...providing organizational support in developing projects for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the global environment." Founded by former Sierra Club director David Brower.
  • Friends of the River - a California-based river conservation organization focusing on education, activist training and organizing, expert advocacy and so on for "water resource management issues" (fish, power, grazing, recreation, public access, stuff like that...). You can also contact them via e-mail.
  • Global Service Corps - an international service-learning organization, providing "...opportunities for adult volunteers to live and work on projects in developing nations." Part of their intent is fostering intercultural understanding while addressing global issues through local actions.
  • Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter - "...a bimonthly publication dedicated to reporting on community based economies, and their development through local cooperative action." This site provides an events calendar, selected current and previous articles, links to related sites and publications and subscription information.
  • The Green Center - supporting "...ecologically derived forms of energy, agriculture, aquaculture, housing, and landscapes, and living in harmony with nature." Provides access to the results of New Alchemy Institute's ecological research.
  • The Green Institute - "...a nonprofit economic development organization focused on sustainable enterprise." Located in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN, USA, the Institute encompasses the Phillips EcoEnterprise center, the ReUse center and DeConstruction Services, as well as Green Ed and Community Greening projects.
  • Hui Lihikai - this is a real grassroots organization working to protect and preserve the North Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawai'i. No hype, no bull, just concerned local folks doing their best to keep the juggernaut of senseless so-called development from trashing their little piece of paradise. They've done amazing things with tiny resources, but they can always use more help, financial, legal, or whatever you have to offer. Ten bucks a year gets you a newsletter and warm fuzzy feelings. Besides taking money in any form, they sell t-shirts, cotton tote bags and an excellent short videotape of North Kohala scenes and music. P.O. Box 76, Hawi, HI 96719; (808) 889-5553.
  • Mothers & Others Online - a national nonprofit education organization working to promote consumer choices which are safe and ecologically sustainable. The site offers strategies for reduced consumption, info on hazards and toxics along with alternatives, recipies, a "green guide" of a different kind, and other fun stuff!
  • The New York City Community Garden Coalition - "...a network of gardeners, community members, local schools, religious institutions, community centers and organizations working together to preserve the network of community gardens in New York City." Includes current information on NYC community gardens and threats to them, as well as links to other community garden sites.
  • Nolo Press - a publisher specializing in self-help law books and software and covering a wide spectrum of legal issues. Do it yourself and save! Legal encyclopedia, searchable site with a good map, and worthwhile products for anyone hoping to simplify their legal life at the lowest possible cost.
  • The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides - "NCAP is a five-state, grassroots membership organization that promotes sustainable resource management, prevention of pest problems, use of alternatives to pesticides, and the right to be free from pesticide exposure." Reports, news releases, information on ongoing projects and programs, and details on publications and membership.
  • The Ojai Foundation - "...a non-denominational land-based educational sanctuary located on a beautiful 40-acre semi-wilderness site..." A retreat center focusing on bringing the "Way of Council" to educational, business and theraputic communities, and also practicing land stewardship and environmental awareness through permaculture, simple living and other regenerative activities.
  • Pacific Crest Biodiversity Project - envisioning a bioregion " which the needs of local communities and the ecological systems that support them take priority over corporate considerations." Working to protect and restore ecological integrity of forests in the Casdadia bioregion through public outreach, field visits and monitoring, timber sale comments and appeals, and - when appropriate - nonviolent direct action.
  • Public Information Network - Research and technical assistance for communities and organizations working to hold corporations and governments accountable and building socially just and ecologically sustainable systems of living. Dedicated to the worldwide exchange of information on the environment, economics, and human rights. A volunteer-staffed, non-profit information/research organization that takes no government or corporate money - they operate strictly on funds from individuals and public interest groups. Some focuses of past and current research include railroad land grants, timber industry practices, health & safety in industry, and tracking transnational corporations. They also offer training and workshops in modern research methods.
  • Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly - An electronic newsletter featuring health and environmental issues - "Providing news and resources for environmental justice." This site provides an index and searchable archive as well as info on subscribing.
  • The Save San Francisco Bay Association - It's not entirely too late...I send these folks money and write letters on their issues, having grown up in that small Bay area town formerly known as Ocean View (trivia quiz!! What's it called now?). You can also contact them via e-mail.
  • The Save-the-Redwoods League - dedicated to protecting what little remains of the ancient redwood forests of California, as simply as possible - they buy the land and turn it over to public parks and preserves. Not that those are the perfect stewards - but they're usually a lot better than the average timber corporation.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center - a non-profit organization that combats hate, intolerance and discrimination through education and litigation. Their Teaching Tolerance education project has won numerous awards and is distributed free to educators. They've bankrupted various racist/hate groups via successful lawsuits and publish a newsletter detailing activities and issues related to these groups (militia organizations, the KKK, neo-nazi groups, etc.).
  • Urban Ecology Australia - "a non profit community group committed to the evolution of socially vital, economically viable and ecologically sustaining human settlements - ecological cities - through education and example." Information on urban ecology and EcoCity projects, activities and publications.
  • The Washington Spectator - Ben A. Franklin, Editor (no relation). A twice-weekly four-page newsletter that focuses on casting a revealing and critical eye on the circus that is our U.S. Government. Published by the Public Concern Foundation, London Terrace Station, P.O. Box 20065, New York, NY 10011. $15 (or more, of course) for a year's subscription.
  • The Whidbey Institute - "Combining elements of a spiritual retreat, a conference center, and a school, the Whidbey Institute is dedicated to the transformation of both heart and mind needed in today's world." Activities include retreats, conferences, special classes and consultations, an intergenerational Folkschool, and an ongoing program for youth called the Power of Hope. Located on Whidbey island, Puget Sound, Pacific Northwest bioregion.

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